How to install Coda
How to start

On this page you find the details about installing Coda.

Even if our mission is to eliminate downloads as much as possible, you may benefit from this single download. Choose one of the links below to get Coda file system installer for

x86 32-bit Linux

x86_64 64-bit Linux


Coda source code

Coda is an open source package. You may download the source code here.
Note that this is not necessary for using Dapty. It is our way to fulfil the terms of the GPL license.

Source, 32-bit Linux

Source, 64-bit Linux


Coda server software

As a way of saying thanks to the Coda developers and to support deployment of this advanced file system, Aetey Global Technologies AB offers an easy-to-use installer for Coda servers. It includes support for interoperability with Kerberos 5. Note that this server package is totally unrelated to using our Dapty products.

x86 Linux server

Server source

Here you can read more about Coda file system installation, which you will need for using [Dapty] ([Dapty Installation HowTo]).


Coda File System Installation HowTo

Note: Coda File System ( is a general purpose distributed file system, a free software developed at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA. It may already be present on your computer or not. We provide an installer (links to the right) for your convenience, but you also may choose to download a differently packaged Coda client from the developers site above.

The following HowTo assumes an installer provided by us.

The downloaded file needs to be marked as executable, e.g. by the following command:
chmod +x filename

All of the following must be done as a superuser (root).

Run the file as follows:
then follow the dialogue.
The installer allocates 1.2GB disk space for the local cache by default.

You may also run
./filename help
to become more acquainted with the installer.

Note that file system installation is quite technical in nature, so you may need some help, especially for ensuring that the installed Coda client is run at the system start. The following commands suit a Debian system, other distributions need different actions:
ln -s /bin/codaclient /etc/init.d
update-rc.d codaclient defaults

To start the newly installed Coda file system support use the command
codaclient start

Now you can proceed with [setting up Dapty Software Environment].

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