Dapty over AFS

Dapty demo freely available over AFS

Aetey now offers a Dapty demo installation over AFS.

No registration or authentication is needed.

Access is worldwide.

System requirements:

  • Linux (>=2.4) or FreeBSD (>=5) on an Intel-compatible processor.
  • AFS or OpenAFS client installed
  • Internet connectivity.
  • GUI based applications also require a locally configured X11 server.
  • Usage:

    The full environment can be started by running
    The 0l above is zero-ell, nothing else.

    Be patient in the beginning, remember that what you are doing is comparable to downloading and installing a complete system. That would take a while too.
    Should you wish to start separate Dapty components, the procedure is analogous to the instructions for the Coda based offering.
    If your AFS installation does not see /afs/0l.se, check that the AFS client allows AFSDB DNS lookups.


    This service is provided by Aetey Global Technologies AB as a demonstration. The environment is the same as our standard offering over the Coda file system. However, the functionality of this service is limited by the following:
  • Due to the lack of authentication it is not secured against spoofing. Use only for testing, with due caution.
  • There is only one AFS server installed which means there is no redundancy.
  • The bandwidth is limited.
  • There is no support for disconnected operation - i.e. you will need network connectivity at all times.
  • Note: This service is provided by Aetey Global Technologies AB as a demonstration as is. We do not commit ourselves to keep this service avaliable at all times. Nor do we promise to keep the software fully up to date. Do not use unauthenticated AFS Dapty for production work. Authenticated secure access to Dapty over AFS can be offered at request.

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