Getting started


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Coda File System HowTo

Dapty Setup HowTo

To be able to use Dapty, you will need the following:

  • A computer with at least a 486 processor, e.g. any modern Intel-compatible processor will suit. The faster the better of course.
  • Some 32 or 64-bit Linux operating system, which can boot and let you log on a graphical screen.
  • An Internet connection. The faster the better, but no requirement of a constant connection.

Then you will need an account.

You may already have an invitation code - in that case, click Register above and register your account.

If you do not have an invitation code, click Invite. If you are lucky we have some open invitations that you can send to yourself. If not, check again tomorrow. Another way is to persuade one of our customers to send you an invitation.

As soon as you've got an account, you will need to go through following steps:

  1. Make sure Coda file system support is present. You may have to install it. See [Coda File System Installation HowTo] for details.
  2. Set up a symbolic link in your home directory that leads to Dapty. (It's done by a single command on the alpha-numerical screen or in a terminal window.)
  3. Authenticate to the service for the first time. (Another single command.)

...log in as usual, and you are using Dapty!

Use of Dapty is free one month after the registration. Later if you wish you extend your subscription by providing corresponding payments online via this web site, using your account and password.


For details about step 2 and 3 see [Dapty Installation HowTo].

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