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May 2008:
A couple of months ago we realised that our usual setup of the Linux computers did not provide the version of the gcc compiler necessary for one of the courses. It was hardly feasible to upgrade the computer setups in the middle of a school term and risk breaking other software and courses. The Aetey company promptly provided the students with the access to the newest compiler collection without endangering the systems, which solved the problem and is being used since then. Thanks.

Arne Linde, IT Manager,
Dept. of Computer Sci. & Eng.
Chalmers University of Technology

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You can send mail to:
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   Box 7068
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or send e-mail to the address at the bottom of this page.

What does Aetey Global Technologies AB do?

We provide our customers with a large set of software, always updated and ready to use. At the same time we give our customers the freedom to spend their time as they see fit, instead of spending it keeping their desktop system up to date and free of bugs and malware.

We ensure that you, as our customer, can run a large variety of high quality programs on computers of your choice, without any hassle of ever installing the programs on the computers. We take care of the programs being updated and security patched, without any actions needed on your part.

What is so special about your product, Dapty™? How does it work?

The product eliminates almost all maintenance of the desktop system. No other product, aside from pre-installed software, will require so small an initial effort. The real benefit will however be apparent during the course of normal usage, since the user will never have to worry about installing programs and keeping them up to date.

Instead of handing out packages for customers to install and maintain themselves we provide our customers with a file system where the software is installed and maintained. The programs are stored on our servers, and intermediately saved (cached) on your computer once they have been run for the first time. This means that downloading and installing are just as easy as running a program (in fact, you see neither the downloading nor the installation). Naturally because of this, the first time you run a program it will take some time before it starts, depending on the speed of your broadband connection.

Dapty is based on a new technology called "Zero LocalityTM Software Environment" (patents pending), which is a technical term for programs being capable to work without any extra administration of the computer for each application. With other words, the programs are with you on any computer supporting the technology. Today it means "most of computers with Linux" though we are going to offer support for many more. Linux was easiest to begin with but the technology suits virtually any networking-capable computing platform.

Isn't it the same as Software As A Service (SaaS)?

Only in the sense that we provide software as a service to our customers. However, SaaS as a term is usually connected with applications using web technologies, and thus requires that the applications are written with that in mind and requires a web browser to run.

We provide traditional software, that do not require a web browser, to be executed on your computer. It's fast, this model of executing software has been used since the dawn of computers, and in fact we deliver the web browser too. The difference to the old model is that the software is not to be permanently installed on your hard disk.

Furthermore, traditionally "Software as a Service" means allowing access to commercial applications. We are selling in the first hand access to free applications, getting paid for the updates and the infrastructure only.

The technology suits otherwise SaaS for commercial applications as well.

Are there any technical requirements? Can I use Dapty on any computer?

The requirements for the technology are very modest: a computer capable of networking and with some space on a local disk. Certain applications may on the other side need a lot of memory or processor power on their own.

The software has actually been designed with low-end run-of-the-mill PC hardware in mind. Currently, it is built for the x86 architecture with a Linux kernel. You need to have access to the Internet initially, but as the software are cached on your local disk, you do not have to be permanently connected.

Is Dapty an operating system or a Linux distribution?

No. Neither of those. Dapty is a full-featured software environment available on a computer of your choice. It is not connected to any computer, but to yourself, via your account and the password.

May I use my Dapty account on more than one computer?

This is the point with Dapty - you are free to use it on any computer or any number of computers, and you should not need to (re)install computers for that purpose.

We are working on eliminating the remaining dependencies of Dapty on the operating systems, so that it will work transparently on virtually any computer right out of the box (note, not even a pre-installed web browser is necessary).

For the moment Dapty works with many Linux distributions. Debian and Ubuntu and many of their derivatives have been verified to work. As the time goes you will be able to use your account on non-Linux computers as well.

Do I need to know a lot about computers to use it?

Of course not! This is another of the major points of our product - it should be easy to use! If you are not interested in what's happening under the hood, you don't have to know.

If you are able to download and run our single package, that's about all. Thereafter you won't have to worry about updating everything. We take care of that, that's the service we provide.

What can I do with Dapty? Is there anything I can't do?

We hope you can do all you need, including:
- read and send mail
- work with office documents, spreadsheets, presentations
- prepare web pages
- browse the web
- print
- play CDs and your sound file collections
- see video
- process pictures from your camera
- you name it

If something is missing, do not hesitate to tell us, we are here to make it work for you.

The product is focused on desktop productivity, such as word processing, spread sheets, photo manipulation and surfing the web. This does for instance mean that you won't be able to play World of Warcraft using our set of software, but you can still install missing software locally on your computer. In a future we might provide such software too, if we see interest from commercial vendors.

Note however that some features may be disallowed by legislation in your country - for example most formats and algorithms for audio and video compression (like mp3 or mpeg) are patented in some countries and we can not offer the access without paying license fees to all patent holders, which is a complicated and expensive process. If you are in a country that recognizes software patents, you may not be allowed to run certain pieces of what we provide. We are planning patent negotiations for a separate version of our product, but it will have to cost more due to the license fees and the extra necessary legal and overhead expenses.

Do I have to reinstall my Linux to test Dapty?

Most probably not at all. In the future Dapty will work with virtually any existing installation, though for the moment Dapty depends on a Linux distribution which does not explicitly disable Coda kernel module. (It is hard to see the point why some distributions exclude Coda, saving about 50 kilobytes on disk, while seriously crippling the system).

Debian and Ubuntu are OK.

So, how much does it cost?

Well, unfortunately we cannot do this for free. It costs about 1.90 EUR per month.

The first month is free however. You always get a one month free subscription when registering a new account. When you have an account you can check our exact prices in some different currencies.

You also get an extra free month each time you from your account invite a new customer, when she or he is making her/his first payment.

Currently we only accept online payments via PayPal.

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