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Nov 11 2012 - Short talk at FSCONS2012
The slides can be seen [here].

May 7 2010 - Coda installer update
We have again updated the installers to correspond to the latest and best upstream code. Download [here].

April 3 2010 -Free Dapty demo available over AFS
We have today opened a free demo of the Dapty environment distributed over AFS instead of Coda. As AFS is available on many large installations worldwide, we would like to share Dapty with the AFS community. More info

May 21 2009 - Dapty freely available for Chalmers University
As of today and as a courtesy service, the Dapty software suite is freely available for everyone at Chalmers University of Technology.

March 10 2009 - LLVM Tools v. 2.5 now available in Dapty
The Low Level Virtual Machine Tools from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has been integrated into the Dapty environment.
LLVM is a collection of libraries and tools that simplifies the building of compilers, optimizers, just-in-time code generators and a lot of other compiler-related programs.

March 10 2009 - Coda installer update
Small upstream bugfixes in Coda servers and clients. We have updated the installers to correspond to the latest and best upstream code. Download [here].

February 2009 - Coda installer update
Coda installer for 32- and 64-bit Linux is updated to the latest version and includes several bug fixes for both client and server. Upgrade is recommended.

November 2008 - Coda installer update
The Aetey Coda installer has been updated. It is now capable to save the Coda cache contents at reinitialization so that you will not have to spend time and network bandwidth refetching your files.

October 2008 - Coda software update
Aetey offers the latest version of the Coda file system software, currently at 6.9.4rc3. As always, some useful extras are included, compared to upstream. Recommended for both Dapty™ setups and independent Coda file system users. See Coda HowTo.

September 2008 - Scandinavian campaign
Aetey launches a campaign directed mainly to our Scandinavian customers. We keep the cost of maintainance of our servers in Sweden quite low and hence can offer even lower prices for access to the Dapty™ software environment. As a result, overseas users also enjoy the new price, as low as € 1.90/month!

May 2008 - Dapty™ for nerds
Having problems fitting some application into your existing environment? See how to use Dapty™ as an add-on. Dapty™ software is independent on what you install on your hard disk.

January 2008 - Launch of Dapty™ Zero Locality™ Software Environment product line!

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Aetey is an IT service startup that gives the concept of Software as a Service (SaaS) another dimension.

Current trends are focusing on enabling software through the web browser. We think this is a complicated way of achieving something that should be simple.

We focus on bringing good maintained software to be run directly on your computer and at the same time eliminating the hassle of installing, upgrading and maintaining software on your machine. This even includes your web browser.

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